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8 Reasons to Travel in Your Twenties

This is an article written for those of us dedicated to long-term travel who are a little bit tired of the same old questions. “Why are you leaving everything behind?”, “What about your job?”, “Aren’t you scared?”. It gets tiresome, so maybe print out this page and hand it to anyone who asks you travel-related questions. Of course the short answer is “because I bloody well want to!” You’re young, hot and living by the laws of YOLO baby… 1. If not now, when? You’re not getting any younger, so make hay while the sun is shining and head out into the big wide world. Seriously though, the older you get, the harder it is to drop everything on a whim. 2. Everything will still be there if you go back The career you left, your friends and family, they’ll all be waiting for you if and when you choose to go back home. Taking a year or two out of your life is a drop in the ocean – You’re not Rihanna, no one minds …

Rat & Boa – The UK Brand For Wandering Souls 

Rat & Boa by UK designers Stephanie Cara Bennett and Valentina Muntoni is the perfect globally-influenced fashion brand. The clothes are equally as suited to a weekend in LA as they are a hot Havana night and everything in between. The Rat & Boa instagram feed is enough to make anyone want to pack their bags and get away and there are plenty of styling tips courtesy of the stylish duo. Fun fact: I used to work with Stephanie in Topshop in Manchester (UK), that store obviously gives people the travel bug! Shop Rat & Boa