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You Need To Read… The Girls by Emma ClineΒ 

This book had a lot of hype from the get-go, and a reported $2M dollar book deal for the first-time author (crayyyyyyy), so my expectations were high. Luckily they were met and exceeded, I finished this book within 12 hours, I honestly could not put it down.Β  The novel is set in the ’60s on the distant fringes of Hollywood, the main character has a famous grandmother – and I believe the author was a child actress so perhaps that’s where he insight comes from. Our protagonist is a bored suburban teenager with an absent father and absent-minded mother, so when she one day sees a group of girls unlike any she’s come across before she is entranced and desperate to get to know them. The girls in question actually belong to a cult, modelled on Charles Manson’s notorious ‘Family’ and you’ll recognise some of the minor stories as being taken directly from Manson and his followers. The cult soon sucks our young lead in and sex and drugs soon follow – with disastrous effects …

Check Out These Stunning Photos of Beaches by Massimo Vitali

Massimo Vitali of Como, Italy began his career as a photo journalist in the 1970s and it wasn’t until 1995 that he began taking photos of the vast, detailed landscapes he is best known for. His evocative scenes of beaches, pools and other public spaces wereΒ captured from super-high podiums (sometimes 4 or 5 metres high, yikes), observing his subjects from a distance. This gives a glimpse into the behaviours of people in their leisure time, from all around the world – Vitali is something of a globe-trotter. It’s hard not to feel moved by the little figures and clean, bright colours. Especially if you’re a globe-trotter yourself! Massimo Vitali: Natural Habitats

6 Inspiring Books to Load on to Your Kindle Before a RTW Trip

What would life be without books? Boring probably. What would an eight hour flight be without books? Unbearable! My Kindle is the only travel partner I need and my number one backpacking essential. Here are six inspiring books I read this year that you should definitely download… Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth This book is like the anti-Sex and The City, it’s gritty (ish) realness appealed massively to me as did the fact it’s set in Manchester and not London. It follows two twenty-something girls who are best friends and housemates. Despite being highly educated and savvy the two are still pretty juvenile and working dead-end jobs whilst navigating unfulfilling relationships. I like it for the fact it’s a truer depiction of twenty-something life than anything I’ve ever read and that the girl’s friendship, not the men in their lives is the strongest theme. How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran If you’re anything like me then columnist, feminist and all-round super hero Caitlin Moran’s first book How to be a Woman is your …