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  1. Erick Schreiner says

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  2. Bethany Grace says

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  4. Hello, I don’t want to sound wierd but I had something horrible with my own site, and I’m warning everyone in my network because I don’t want to see others lose income.

    There’s malware going around our niche that’s specifically designed for attacking our sites and knocking out our revenue. Shield antivirus is the only thing that was able to eradicate it completely from my computer. Unfortunately, by that time I’d lost my site’s data on myhard drive, and also somehow been able to remove it online. I’m fixing it, but I’ve lost a huge amount of money. I wish I’d known that Shield was the sole antivirus capable of killing the virus completely, with no damage to my files. Apparently they stay ahead of current threats. You might want to download it before you’re the next target, it’s a 25% discount at this link

    Be safe!


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