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Flower Arranging With Bloom &Wild 

Flower arranging is the new hot hobby, seriously. So many of my girlfriends are forgoing wild weekends in favour of artfully arranging blooms. And I can see why. It’s an activity that is so relaxing it’s like meditation, plus it kind of involves nature (though the stems are cut and dead) which is never a bad thing. I first tried this new thing last year and now I can’t get enough of it.

Bloom & Wild who you may know from ‘flowers through the letterbox’ fame hosted a class at West Elm’s beautiful Tottenham Court Road branch where we created a floral letter – which my friend pointed out was not dissimilar to something you’d see at an East End funeral. Morbid associations aside I am so proud of my colourful ‘S’.

Find out about Bloom & Wild classes here.

Stuck in The Noughties: Why We’re All Nostalgic for The 2000s

I recently had a mammoth ‘gram sesh which segued into a good few hours on Twitter and Tumblr… and I realised while in this internet-trance that a good proportion of what I was looking at was 00s nostalgia. My favourite accounts @Popculturediedin2009, @Shesvague and @partylikeits07 are all in the business of posting photos from the most iconic celebrities of the early 2000s. I’m not interested in what Emma Stone is up to today, I want to know which club Tara Reid fell out of in 2003, or the legendary feud between Paris and Lindsay ‘Firecrotch’ Lohan.


A quick poll of my friends shows that, they too, are all obsessed with the celebs of yesteryear. But why? Why are we all living so defiantly in the past? Well, firstly, these are the images of our formative years – we all came of age in the millennium – so Nicole, Paris, Micha and Hilary were our teen queen idols. And they ran things. Heat magazine was at its zenith and tabloid journalism was reaching new highs/lows never to be seen again. The celebs of today are way too savvy for too much scandal, I mean, look at Selena Gomez and Zac Efron – both willingy went into rehab with little fanfare and seem to be on the straight and narrow. Compare that with Lindsay Lohan’s repeated stints in rehabilitation facilities, stints that resulted in nothing more than more column inches( you can not tell me LL is sober).


These girls were salacious, young, rich and bad. DUIs and jail sentences were the norm, alongside eating disorders and drug abuse – and yet with the help of super-stylist Rachel Zoe millions of tweens idolised bad girls like Lohan and Hilton. Their impact on fashion at the time was revelatory, put the right tee on the right girl and it would sell out in an instant. Remember this is pre-Instagram, so their levels of power and influence were pretty astounding.


Perhaps another reason why we’re all clamouring to relive these halcyon days is because a lot of this coverage we never even saw at the time, unless you happened to pick up the exact copy of whatever magazine published that story. There was no internet to see images of your faves on demand, so now we get to go over that period with a fine tooth comb thanks to the sleuths like @popculturediedin2009 who are unearthing all this fire from 2007. It seems rude not to pay attention.


Of course any form of nostalgic past-time is a symptom of a refusal to grow the f*ck up. I hold my hands up, I’m in a prolonged state of adolescence and I want my free time activities to reflect that. If I can’t get a mortgage, then no way am I going to act like a real adult. So tabloid tales of Speidi, LC and Mischa Barton rehashed is where I’m at right now. And I’m okay with that.


If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane then check out these Instagram/Twitter accounts.



Why I Love Making New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of every year, I set aside a few hours, get comfy, grab a cuppa and the remaining Quality Street from Christmas and set to work on my New Year’s resolutions. Every year without fail. Some people laugh at this practice, “oh what’s the point, you’ll only break them?”, well, I actually try not to break them. 

Each new year I treat as a reset, a fresh slate. I like to focus on what went well that year and things I achieved and enjoyed, as well as reflecting on the bad bits or where there is room for improvement. I find it really helpful to kind of soak it all in, we’re all busy, when do we ever take the time to to take stock of our lives?

Apparently the most popular resolution for both men and women is to lose weight, no surprises there, and yes I’d always like to lose weight. But as I’ve got older, I’ve learned that these kind of abstract resolutions are designed to make you fail. Either be super specific and say, I’d like to lose 7lbs by May, or resolve to do things that will help you achieve that goal, like taking up a new exercise or cycling once a week.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself, and there’s a whole self-help industry worth billions to that effect, but don’t use your resolutions as a means to punish yourself. Throw some treats in there too, I always like to include a list of exhibitions, galleries and restaurants I’d like to visit in the coming year. Which actually comes in really handy when I’m at a loss for something to do.

At heart I’m an optimist, so perhaps my annual resolution making is a manifestation of this, but I won’t stop because of the naysayers. Who doesn’t want the next year to be better than the last? So yes, in 2017 I want to do more yoga, stop spending so much money at Pret (I’m an addict), travel to Goa, find a boyfriend, learn a new language and generally have more fun. How about you?



My Top 10 Moments of 2016

I’m writing this as an antidote, purely for selfish reasons, to all the doom-mongering about this past year. Yes 2016 has been a f*cking weird one, politics was like watching a car crash in slow motion and everyone and their mum (literally in the case of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds) popped their clogs. It was an odd year for me too, but on the whole positive, there were downs but what’s the point of focusing on the negatives? There were some moments I feel so lucky and privileged to have had, some amazing experiences and fun times that I’ll never forget. So here are my personal highlights of 2016…

1/ Going to India

I’ve wanted to go to India for as long as I can remember, it’s always been my number one dream travel destination. This year is the year I made it happen, and after saving for a looong time I spent a month there in February. I spent time in bustling Delhi (and even went on a crazy Tinder date there), the blue city of Jodhpur where I ha the best samosa I’ve ever tasted, saw the pink city and the Palace of The Winds, stayed in the most beautiful hotel in Bikaner, trekked on a camel into the Thar desert, watched the sun rise on the river Ganges and made some great friends along the way. It really was the trip of a lifetime and I’ll never, ever forget it.

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2/ Seeing Skepta at Ally Pally and Field Day

Shut Down. I just love Skepta, and even though I don’t know him, I’m so proud of him. 2016 was definitely his year with a number 2 album and a Mercury Music Prize under his belt – all this as an independent artist. I saw him a Field Day which was sick, but Ally Pally was a moment. I honestly had tingles when he came on stage. Here’s to an even greater 2017 for him.

3/ Getting a new job

I quit my last job to go travelling which was a scary thing to do, so coming back to the UK I was worried about getting back on to the career ladder. I don’t mind admitting I applied for about 100 jobs (and not even half as many replies) and had countless interviews before I signed my contract at Dr. Martens. I’m genuinely proud to work for such a cool brand – I’ve always worn Doc’s, so in a way it’s surreal to be in charge of their Tone of Voice globally. I’m looking forward to really making the role my own in the coming year… and expanding my shoe collection too!

4/ Discovering Classpass

This sounds so geeky, but honest to Cher, Classpass has changed my life. I now can’t imagine a life without exercising. And it’s not an aesthetic thing, because to be honest, I haven’t lost weight, or drastically changed my body shape – I just enjoy the feeling of having a strong and fit body. Classpass introduced me to boxing which I’m pretty damn good at, reformer pilates and some fantastic and fun classes. Next year I’ll be continuing to train frequently and I’ll be trying out lots of new classes too. Oh, and I’ll never miss a week of Bikram again – I need that 90 minutes to align my chakras, whatever they are.

Try out Classpass with £30 from me!

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5/ Swimming with Elephants in Thailand

This was an amazing experience, and unlike anything I’ve ever done, I’ve never even been on Safari. I got to share it with my friend Sinead and this was probably one of the best days of my life. We were in Chiang Mai and went on a day trip to an elephant sanctuary where we fed, bathed and swam with elephants, then went white water rafting, then on a massive hike to waterfall then bamboo rafting. Obviously we were knackered by the end of it, but what an experience.


6/ Seeing the Taj Mahal

This is obviously such a bucket list item, I mean, it’s a wonder of the world. It’s so surreal seeing something you’ve seen in a million photographs, up close and personal. I touched it, I’ve been inside it. Well, me and millions of others, but it doesn’t make it any less special. It really is a beautiful building and it lived up to the hype. Seeing the Taj will always remind me of the EPIC dosa I had round the corner too… it was delicious.

7/ Going to Budapest

I enjoyed this city break so much, it was one of the most smoothly planned and executed trips I’ve ever taken and has made me want to do more European short breaks. Me and my pal Soph had such a good time doing all the touristy things and eating lots of bread. Also we listened to the Serial podcast every night before bed… a few years ago I’d have been dancing on tables, but as you get older, your passions change. Anyway, I’d highly recommend a visit.

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The Terror Museum

8/ Visiting the Gili islands

I dream of Gili T all the time. It is paradise… I’ve never felt so instantly at home anywhere in the world, it’s right up my street. Maybe it’s the simplicity – no cars, limited wifi, no police, no worries. Or more likely it’s the delicious food, the cold beers, the friendly and hilarious islanders and the crystal blue sea? Just thinking of my friend Lulu and I cycling round listening to One Dance on a crappy speaker, the fun I had with my pals from NYC, Amanda and Candice, and my African mate Collins at Harry’s bar makes me break into the biggest smile. Thankfully I’m going back in 2017. I can’t wait.

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9/ Spending time with my friend on Koh Tao, Thailand

Sinead, my old housemate, and I had a f*cking hoot on this Thai Island, every day was one for the record books and just so hilarious. We were girls gone wild and spent everyday swimming, sunbathing, drinking, snogging boys, skinny dipping, watching fire dancers and making memories. I can’t say too much here but it was fantastic!

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10/ Like, realising stuff

This is a miscellaneous entry but special mention to my friends who let me crash at their houses while job hunting and even fed me, Broad City for getting me through down-time while travelling, Lulu for getting a bro tat with me. Also, this year we found out my friend Lauren has breast cancer – this was a blow, she’s so young and too special for this to happen – but she’s a fighter, go and read her blog to see how she’s (somehow) styling out cancer and making it all look easy. Solange’s album. Golden lattes. Also this is the year I realised red is really my colour.

What were your highlights of 2016? Share them below.

Winter Dressing with V by Very 

Christmas is a hectic time and it literally rinses out your finances with gifts for Mum, Dad, Bruv, Sis, your extended family, work’s secret santa – not to mention the 101 social engagements your signed up to. So it’s often a time of year where you don’t treat yourself. I say, let’s flip the script. V by Very has some amazing items that are utter bargains as well, I got my mitts on a gorgeous military coat, some very high-fashwan frilled jeans and a top with a little sparkle. I’ll be wearing this outfit when I go to visit the relatives over Christmas – and well into next year too. So go on, treat yourself.

Coat £70, Jeans £25, Jumper £25 all V by Very

*DISCLOSURE: These items were all gifted

Christmas Wrapped Up: A Gift Guide For The Girls

Take the guesswork out of christmas shopping and get the girl in your life something she’ll love. Or… let your inner greedy guts come out and just shop for yourself. ‘Tis the season for giving, doesn’t matter who to!

The Fashionista

The fashionista loves a label or anything bold, bright and contemporary. A pair of shoes never goes amiss, ditto a new niche perfume by Le Labo or Byredo. For a smaller budget a cute new phone case or some chi chi notebooks so she can bring some style to the office.

The Fitness Fanatic

I guess you could call me a health nut – though as I write I’m powering through a bag of Percy Pigs so maybe not. I do love to workout, try new classes and whip up a smoothie or two. For the fitty in your life they’ll love a new sports bra (you can never have enough), trainers, healthy cookbook or a ClassPass subscription or gift card so they can try next year’s latest fitness trends.

The Classy Beeyatch

Classic ladies will adore timeless gifts like the ubiquitous Diptyque candle – I read somewhere that a candle is the laziest gift you can give – well excuuuuuuse me. I ask for one every Christmas because it’s a treat you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. Other than that a Bloom and Wild one off gift or subscription for beautiful flowers is a fab pressie or a beautiful 2017 diary (Paperchase is always a safe bet).

If you’re still stumped for gifts then I find a bottle of wine, nicely wrapped always does down well, gift cards take the guesswork out and hampers are also a wonderful gift that you can give to a couple or family rather than individual gifts.

*This is a collaborative post*

How To Make Your Rented Space Look Super Stylish

Unless you’re a banker or lucky enough to have someone bestow a large deposit upon you, I’m guessing you don’t own your home yet. It’s a constant annoyance that the property ladder is so far above my head I’d need a another ladder just to reach that one, but on the bright side, when the boiler breaks it ain’t my problem.

So we’re generation rent, which means we piss a huge portion of our wages away on our shared accommodation each month and we can’t paint or renovate… BUT… there are some easy ways to make your space your own that aren’t permanent. Then when you move you can pack them all up and start again. I’m a firm believer in interior therapy and I truly think if you have a home environment that is representative of you, you’ll feel happier. Here are my top tips for making your rented home your own.

Printed Cushions

This is a foolproof way to add colour and interest to your home. A sofa or bed without cushions just looks naked. I treated myself to some statement House of Hackney cushions recently (in the sample sale, obvs) but H&M Home does the best cushions for rock-bottom prices. Be bold with colour and print and you can always move them to different rooms for different combinations.


Coffee Table Books

Boos are a great way to show your personality so don’t hide them away – especially the nice coffee table books you get for christmas. Play around with placement and display them with other home accessories for a chic look.

Posh Candles and Easy-to-Care-For Plants

I’m a firm believer in a great candle to make you feel like a proper grown up – so what if they’re £40. It’s a status symbol. Just make sure your housemate knows NEVER TO BURN IT. Succulents and cacti are very on trend and not so easy to kill as other plants. Supermarkets do some great plants and they’re purse-friendly too.


Display Your Best Beauty Bits

Some beauty products like Aesop and Byredo are just too pretty for the bathroom cabinet – show them off! It’s very Pinterest-y to have your cosmetics dotted around the house. They’re useful too.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Codes

Black Friday is officially here people, I know those pennies are burning a hole in your pockets. Lucky for all us shopaholics there are some SICK Black Friday/Cyber Weekend deals around. So you can buy christmas presents, treat yourself and save some cash while you’re at it. Below is a roundup of the best deals and all the codes you need. Simply click on the name of the retailer to shop and paste the codes when you checkout. 


20% Off everything. Code: GOGOGO


50% Off selected items


50% Off everything. Code: FRIYAY50


40% Off everything. Code: THANKS40


Buy 1 get 1 50% off


20% Off. Code: WONDER


40% Off. Code: BLACKFRIDAY


20% Off (10% off beauty). Code: SELFCCE


30% Off everything


25% Off. Code: STYLE20


18% Off everything. Code: RUSH


40% Off. Code: GREENBF116



Loewe 001 Perfume Review

Ever since fashion wunderkind JW Anderson took the helm at Spanish leather house Loewe he’s transformed it to fusty heritage brand to the must-have label for those in the know. While I, sadly, can’t afford to buy any of his beautiful leather goods or clothing (well, if I plan on paying rent) I can indulge in a bit of beauty retail therapy.

001 is the new Loewe fragrance by Johnathon Anderson, it comes in two complimentary parts – the male and female – designed so that you can layer them together to create a third scent altogether.

Both perfumes feature zingy citrus notes, bergamot and warm musk. The women’s scent has the addition of notes of sweet vanilla, while the men’s version features amber. They’re both lovely, autumnal scents that are quite unusual but I opted for the men’s version because I love amber.

The bottle is a chic, angular glass affair with a wooden lid and the box features exclusive black and white still photography making either perfume a great addition to your dressing table.

Loewe 001 Man and 001 Woman are both available exclusively at Harrods

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