Year: 2017

Flower Arranging With Bloom &Wild 

Flower arranging is the new hot hobby, seriously. So many of my girlfriends are forgoing wild weekends in favour of artfully arranging blooms. And I can see why. It’s an activity that is so relaxing it’s like meditation, plus it kind of involves nature (though the stems are cut and dead) which is never a bad thing. I first tried this new thing last year and now I can’t get enough of it. Bloom & Wild who you may know from ‘flowers through the letterbox’ fame hosted a class at West Elm’s beautiful Tottenham Court Road branch where we created a floral letter – which my friend pointed out was not dissimilar to something you’d see at an East End funeral. Morbid associations aside I am so proud of my colourful ‘S’. Find out about Bloom & Wild classes here.

Stuck in The Noughties: Why We’re All Nostalgic for The 2000s

I recently had a mammoth ‘gram sesh which segued into a good few hours on Twitter and Tumblr… and I realised while in this internet-trance that a good proportion of what I was looking at was 00s nostalgia. My favourite accounts @Popculturediedin2009, @Shesvague and @partylikeits07 are all in the business of posting photos from the most iconic celebrities of the early 2000s. I’m not interested in what Emma Stone is up to today, I want to know which club Tara Reid fell out of in 2003, or the legendary feud between Paris and Lindsay ‘Firecrotch’ Lohan.   A quick poll of my friends shows that, they too, are all obsessed with the celebs of yesteryear. But why? Why are we all living so defiantly in the past? Well, firstly, these are the images of our formative years – we all came of age in the millennium – so Nicole, Paris, Micha and Hilary were our teen queen idols. And they ran things. Heat magazine was at its zenith and tabloid journalism was reaching new highs/lows …

Why I Love Making New Year’s Resolutions

At the end of every year, I set aside a few hours, get comfy, grab a cuppa and the remaining Quality Street from Christmas and set to work on my New Year’s resolutions. Every year without fail. Some people laugh at this practice, “oh what’s the point, you’ll only break them?”, well, I actually try not to break them.  Each new year I treat as a reset, a fresh slate. I like to focus on what went well that year and things I achieved and enjoyed, as well as reflecting on the bad bits or where there is room for improvement. I find it really helpful to kind of soak it all in, we’re all busy, when do we ever take the time to to take stock of our lives? Apparently the most popular resolution for both men and women is to lose weight, no surprises there, and yes I’d always like to lose weight. But as I’ve got older, I’ve learned that these kind of abstract resolutions are designed to make you fail. Either …