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Athleisure is The Trend That Won’t Go Away

Athleisure took hold of our collective consciousness a couple of years back when suddenly everyone was working out, into hashtag #fitness and the training gear that celebs wore to spin their butts off (literally) at SoulCycle started spilling onto the streets. It was soon picked up on the catwalks, Alexander Wang being the poster boy for this new trend, and then high streets the world over. Like most fashion trends many people thought this would be a flash in the pan, but we were all proven wrong. It’s still here.

So why this trend? Why is athleisure going from strength to strength? For me, I like to wear sports gear because it’s comfortable. When you lead a busy lifestyle comfort is key. It’s nice to be able to do a BOOM Cycle on a Sunday and then throw on a swear with my workout leggings and still look passable.

Plus, sportswear fabrication are often pretty technical and offer support and dry technology so that you actually look better in your gym gear than your mufti. A good gym kit makes you feel powerful and like you can really kick some ass. When I put on my sucky-in leggings and sports bra, I feel great.

To wear your workout clothes for real life the trick is to not choose wacky patterns and colours. Stick to classic black like Gigi and Kendal and mix with jersey fabrics and a cool bomber jacket.

Are you into athleisure?


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